Karen Gaudin,

Here for Your Return to Work Services, Addiction and Mental Health Needs – Offering Services in Assessments, Psychoeducational Groups and Workshops.

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My specialization is in addictions treatment and recovery as well as assessment and preparation to return to work. In the past 10 years, I have worked extensively in:

  • Developing and leading addictions assessment, treatment, and recovery coordination programs;
  • Case managing and supporting individuals in their journey through additions and mental health recovery as well as return-to-work post recovery;
  • Establishing an extensive set of community resources for the purpose of referrals to various addiction agencies, residential treatment centres, detox clinics, and mental health support;
  • Developing and delivering return-to-work assessment and preparation services; 
  • Developing and delivering training services and quality assurance protocols for addictions treatment and recovery support/management personnel.

I have also conducted my own thesis research in the area of student alcoholism, which is now a published manuscript in multiple psychology journals. 

Many individuals with addictions also suffer from mental health issues. In many cases, one can trigger or exacerbate the other. As such, my extensive experience in addictions treatment and recovery also include mental health support and recovery. I am excited to be advancing my mental health care expertise further be completing my Master’s in Counselling Psychology degree in the summer of 2020 and then working on obtaining my provisional and registered psychologist statuses. 

For employers, I am very passionate about providing assessment services, helping you manage cases of employee addictions as well as providing your managers and employees with appropriate workshops/training on recognizing and dealing with addictions or mental health issues in the workplace. Looking forward to helping you and your team!


Areas of Expertise

  • Knowledge of drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Addiction Assessment and Treatment Planning
  • Addictions Case Management
  • Return to Work Assessment and Preparation Services

For the above, I have additional experience and expertise in dealing with individuals who work in safety sensitive positions.




  • Honors Psychology – Bachelor of Arts Degree – MacEwan University 2010
  • Masters of Counselling Psychology – City University – Anticipate to graduate in August 2020

Special Training and Certifications

  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Canadian Model Training for Providing a Safe Workplace – The Drug and Alcohol Work Rule


Service Areas:

  • Management & Relationship Wellness
  • Psychological Health & Safety
  • Sex & Gender Wellness


Professional Experience

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Management effectiveness 
  • Relationship wellness
  • Sex and gender wellness including LGBTQ issues in the workplace
  • Psychoeducation and treatment of mental health issues including depression, various anxiety disorders including OCD, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, sexual disorders and sexual deviance disorders