Daniel Kim, PhD in Organizational Behaviour, MBA, BA

I worked in various cross-cultural settings as a student, a teacher, a company director, a consultant, and a researcher, and am current teaching cross-cultural and diversity management in a university setting. Differences among ourselves sometimes make things complicated, but we could use them as valuable assets that will enrich our work places and relationships. Let’s begin our journey together!

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I completed Ph.D. in IIT Madras in India and moved in Vancouver to do further research on Cross-cultural management at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. Prior to completing my Ph.D., I worked as a Korean multinational company director and then established my own company in India.

Since I experienced various areas of business in various cross-cultural settings such as production, cross-cultural marketing, industrial relations, and M&As, I helped other
expatriates to deal with different cultures and achieve successful international assignments. These work and consulting experiences turn into my research topics as well as source of knowledge for my teaching. 


Areas of Expertise

  • Cross-cultural competency
  • Cross-cultural marketing
  • Multinational business development and management



  • Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Behavior
  • Master of Business Administration (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Korean Philosophy



  • Association of International Business (AIB)
  • Association of Management (AOM)


Service Areas:

  • Management & Relationship Wellness


Professional Experience

  • Manufacturing and production
  • International and multi-national business management
  • Marketing and communication
  • Management consulting
  • Management and post-secondary education program development and delivery
  • Industrial relations