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We all cope with life and challenges differently. The key to truly helping our clients is offering effective, quality services that are holistic in scope but specific in approach, choice, pace, and delivery method.

Stay Focused on Workplace Mental Health and Psychological Safety!

About 21.4% of the Canadian workforce currently experience mental health problems and it is costing Canadian businesses over $6 billion in a given year in lost productivity from absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover. As well, mental health problems account for approximately 30% of disability claims. Cost associated with the stress of workplace relationship problems on the other hand is estimated to be around $5 billion per year. Collectively, the staggering cost of workplace stress and related mental health issues has grown to over $51 billion annually and will have added up to more than $2.5 trillion in 30 years.

Without a doubt, the major cost of failure to mitigate mental and relational health problems in the workplace plus the need for compliance with more stringent OH&S and human rights legislation makes workplace mental and relational health a priority for employers. Our team of sought-after field experts, highly experienced therapists as well as seasoned leadership and workplace relationship developers are here to support organizations and employees in: 1) managing the mental and relational health risk, difficulties, and injuries experienced, 2) preventing/minimizing harm to their organization and its members, 3) facilitating the assessment, treatment, and recovery of those affected, and 4) training leaders and employees on effective responses to issues of workplace mental and relational health.