Hendriatta Wong, DBA, MBA, CPHR, SHRM-SCP, Managing Partner

Being a consistently effective organizational leader and business owner is not easy. With scrutiny and pressure from multiple fronts for one to be proper, correct, and the best at all times, a leader’s judgement, endurance, tenacity, and resiliency are continuously tested. I am here to support not only organizational leaders and business owners but also their team members in times when they and/or their organization need to overcome some tough challenges, meet rigorous demands, undergo difficult transitions, develop their full potential, or simply be better tomorrow than they are today. My colleagues and I will work hand-in-hand with you in your efforts to deliver the best outcomes for your employees, organization, and all other stakeholders.




I have over 25 years of for-profit and non-profit leadership experience, with particular emphasis on human resources management as well as program and enterprise development. Prior to my current role as Managing Partner for Insight Psychological and Insight Corporate Care, I have held the positions of Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director, Divisional Manager and Senior Director of Human Resources, Director of Corporate Services as well as Assistant Dean and Associate Professor of Management. Throughout this time, I have also shared my experience and knowledge in the capacities of consultant, coach, mentor, and trainer.

My human resources management passion and expertise lies in the areas of psychological health and safety, discrimination and human rights, cross-cultural management, leadership development as well as strategic and change management. I have provided guidance and leadership to organizations in the following:

  • Helping employees to transition productively through challenging operational and leadership changes.
  • Successfully mitigating/addressing issues and cases of workplace harassment and discrimination.
  • Establishing effective policies and practices to strengthen workplace inclusiveness and wellness.
  • Bringing about significant quantitative as well as qualitative improvements in employee management outcomes including retention, illness/injury claims reduction, loss-time, grievances as well as employee engagement and performance.
  • Coaching and helping a significant number of management personnel in enhancing their management and leadership capabilities.

I look forward to using my experience and knowledge to support organizational leaders, business owners as well as their employees in their strategic as well as operational endeavours.


Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic human resources management
  • Workplace psychological health and safety
  • Workplace harassment, bullying, and abuse
  • Human rights and discrimination
  • Gender issues in the workplaces
  • Management competency and development
  • Cross-cultural competency
  • Compensation plan design and development




  • Doctor in Business Administration
  • Master in Business Administration (Human Resources Management)
  • Bachelor of Management

Professional Designation(s)

  • Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR)
  • SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)

Special Training and Certification(s)

  • CMHA Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor (CPHSA)
  • Gender Based Analysis Plus



CPHR Alberta

Society for Human Resource Management


Service Areas:

  • Entrepreneurs’ Mental Health & Operational Effectiveness
  • Harassment, Bullying & Violence
  • Management & Relationship Wellness
  • Psychological Health & Safety
  • Sex & Gender Wellness


Professional Experience

  • Human resources management
  • Small business management
  • Not-for-profit management
  • Board and governance
  • Post-secondary education management
  • Management education delivery