We are Experts in Workplace Mental and Relational Health!

Present day employers face stricter and more complex employment-related legislation, heightened sensitivity to issues of human rights as well as psychological health and safety in the workplace, increased recognition of psychological hazards in the workplace as well increased diversity in the modern day workforce. In response, employers need to not only be more prompt and effective in dealing with mental and relational health issues in the workplace but also be more pro-active in creating a psychologically as well as relationally healthy and safe work environment. Without a doubt, the major staggering cost of failure to mitigate mental and relational health problems in the workplace plus the need for compliance with more stringent OH&S and human rights legislation makes workplace mental and relational health a priority for employers.

Our team of sought-after field experts, highly experienced therapists as well as seasoned leadership and workplace relationship developers are here to support organizations and employees in:
1) evaluating the organization’s mental and relational health risk exposures,
2) managing cases of workplace mental and relational health concerns and injuries,
2) facilitating the assessment, treatment, and recovery of those affected,
4) training leaders and employees on effective approaches to issues of workplace mental and relational health, and
5) helping the organization develop and maintain a psychologically and relationally healthy workplace.

In particular, we specialize in helping to address concerns and manage cases that involve:

  • Psychological Health, Safety, and Injuries
  • Workplace Harassment, Bullying, and Violence
  • Critical/Traumatic Incident Response
  • Sex and Gender Wellness
  • Management and Relationship Wellness
  • Entrepreneurs’ Mental Health

Businesses/Organizations are ultimately led and operated by people. As such, Insight’s priority is first and foremost on YOU, the person – be that the business owner, executive officer, manager, team leader, or employee. If your health and wellness is compromised, your overall well-being, productivity, and effectiveness at work as well as at home can be directly affected. Insight takes a holistic approach to caring for your multiple dimensions of wellness as they are inter-related and collectively they impact your ability to cope with life stressors, remain productive, and realize the potential for your business/organization, your work, and yourself.

For more details, please check out our services to see the specific assistance that we can provide you and your business/organization.