The mission of Insight Corporate Care is to help organizations optimize the human impact on their operation.

In particular, we focus on helping organizations pro-actively manage the potential impact as well as effectively deal with the actual impact of situations/concerns/aspects related to:

Workplace and employee wellness

  • Employee mental health and wellness
  • Psychological safety of the work environment
  • Critical incident response

Human rights, diversity, and safety

  • Discrimination and wrongful practices
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Gender and sexual diversity
  • Cross-cultural understanding and integration

Employee performance and inter-personal challenges

  • Management challenges
  • Management/Employee performance
  • Inter-personal and team conflicts
  • Work abilities and barriers determination
  • Return-to-work difficulties

For small businesses, we go a step further by also helping them examine and address their operational and business development concerns/issues.

Our services are designed and coordinated with the understanding that an employee or a team’s well-being, effectiveness, and productivity cannot simply be built through the correction or improvement of any one formative aspect alone. That is because they are grounded on multiple aspects including:

  • Appropriate skills and abilities
  • Attitude, motivation, and engagement
  • Psychological safety and resiliency
  • Reliable work and organizational support
  • Strong personal support system
  • Overall good health

An employee or a team that lacks the appropriate skills, abilities, or motivation to competently perform their work obligations or feels that they do not get adequate support to do their work properly or deems that their work environment is toxic and psychologically unsafe, or has multiple challenges with their mental and/or physical health, or is experiencing various difficulties in their personal life may not only find it very difficult to be continually effective and productive at work but may also exhibit signs and behaviours that detriment their own well-being and/or those of others. This in turn has a direct impact on the organization’s output, progress, competitiveness, and success.

We can help to optimize the human impact on your organization by attending to the needs of the three critical entities that directly contribute to the effectiveness and productivity of your workforce:

  • You, the Leader: We can help you deal with sensitive and/or difficult employee issues and cases that may have negative and damaging impact on those involved, your broader workforce, other aspects of your operation, and your organization as a whole.
  • Your Employees at All Levels: We can help your employees at all levels access support as well as strengthen their abilities and resiliency to care for their psychological and physical wellness, deal effectively with concerns and challenges that affect their work, navigate fittingly through complex and/or sensitive inter-personal environment, and perform optimally at work.
  • Your Organization: We can help your organization assess and develop policies and practices are conducive to the psychological safety, wellness, optimal performance, and effective engagement of your employees.

Through Insight Corporate Care, an employee, manager, executive officer, team, and small business owner can access support and inter-related services that  would both address the challenges as well as strengthen the personal and organizational factors that are directly impacting their work, their business, and their well-being.

Check out our services to see how we can help and support you.